Natural Dog Training

Natural Dog Training is about how dogs see the world and how they feel in certain situations. If dogs act frightened, hyperactive or aggressive we help them to get their emotions under control, and soon they can behave happy and relaxed – even under stress.

Focus of Natural Dog Training

is to encourage your dog to reveal his emotions from the deepest level of his heart. In the beginning most dogs cannot show how they feel, they even cannot play. Their emotional valves are blocked and they behave stressed. Those dogs bark excessively, destroy your belongings, chase livestock, refuse your commands or attack other creatures.
Such emotional barricades can be caused by bad experiences, wrong dog training methods, harsh handling or too much attention at the wrong time. Result is that dogs act out, react overly submissive or behave aggressive.
During our training, we provide your dog a ventil to let go his emotional blockades in a natural way. After all his stress is gone he can return to a relaxed state of mind.

Results with Natural Dog Training methods

Already after two to three lessons your dog will start to give YOU attention and listen to YOU instead his surroundings. Soon he will be a reliable companion and you will have control in situations when it counts most:

  • If visitors arrive
  • If other dogs approach
  • If jogging people or bicycles pass your way
  • If your dog sees a cat, squirrel or rabbit
  • If his ball is rolling into the street

and many, many more.

You will solve house training issues and fear, stop possession, get your dog used to cars or children, calm down boisterous activities and aggression…and best of all: Make him really come when called!
By using your dogs natural drives and emotions, you can easily obtain the most successful dog training results ever.

Natural Dog Training is completely different from anything you ever learned about dogs!